Problem solving is one of the main stages in the assimilation of the system of mathematical knowledge by students, in particular, geometric concepts and connections between them. Solving geometric problems, students develop creativity, independent thinking, acquire skills in the practical application of the theoretical provisions of geometry. Pedagogical practice shows that solving problems that are not united by general methods does not give good results and causes great difficulties for students.

When planning a lesson, the teacher needs to draw the students’ attention to the theoretical material necessary for solving the problem, to rethink its content in practice. Such a…

Some girls desperately want the man they like to show interest. But often the guy does not know about your sympathy and is afraid of rejection. Many women ask themselves the eternal question of how to attract the attention of a guy they like. In order to bypass other fans and arouse a man’s interest, they use a variety of means and methods, go to all sorts of tricks.

He is the man of your dreams and you adore him. You want him to be next to you, but, unfortunately, he is not. Therefore, you are looking for information on…

Chemistry is not only a scientific and theoretical discipline. This is one of the most applicable sciences in practice. Industry, service industry and just any family use her discoveries.

Household chemistry
Every modern family uses a huge amount of household chemicals — in the kitchen, bathroom, living room, bedroom. They help save time, stay healthy, keep clean, create a beautiful interior, grow plants, and take care of cars.

Here are just a few of these remedies:

  • washing powders, soap;
  • shampoos;
  • glues, paints, varnishes;
  • stain removers, cleaners, shoe polish;
  • fertilizers, substances for protecting domestic plants from insects, diseases.

So, when washing…

The discovery of new elements of Mendeleev’s Periodic Table has always aroused interest among the general public. The point is not so much in the scientific significance of these discoveries, but in the fact that at school everyone passed the Periodic Law, and some even remember the symbols denoting the elements. This is understandable, familiar. But now these discoveries are backed by complex research in nuclear physics and radiochemistry, about which many are unaware.

chemical elements

At present, new elements are produced only at heavy ion accelerators. (Previously, they were found in terrestrial minerals, products of nuclear reactors and nuclear explosions.) Heavy…

Lusi Bysoloby

primary school teacher

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